Why 85% of People Hate Their Jobs – Top 6 Reasons

Why 85% of People Hate Their Jobs

Let me ask you one question, do you like your job? I think the answer is “NO”.

According to the latest Gallup Poll, 85% of the people in the world hate their jobs, that means you randomly pick 10 people, 9 people will tell you they hate their jobs. Workers can be grouped into three categories, based on how much they engage in their jobs.

  • Engaged: People who love and enthusiastic about their jobs. They are looking forward to every working days and are very productive.
  • Disengaged: People who satisfied with their workplace but don’t have an emotional connection. They show up every day and do their jobs. The main reason of working is exchanging their times for money. Most people in the world are disengaged workers.
  • Actively disengaged: People who hate everything about their jobs. They are very non-productive and show their nativities in attitudes and actions.

I believe you are a disengaged or an activity disengaged worker, just like most of us, but why, why 85% of people hate their jobs? Here are the six main reasons…

The Salary

Why do you need to work? To earn money, right? So if you’re not satisfied with your paycheck, it’s really hard to like your job. Most people think they’re being underpaid, they think they deserve more.

Another situation is they are satisfied with their paychecks. They see money as their ultimate goal, they choose the job not because enthusiasm, but the salary. They will feel empty even they’ve already hit their money goal.

9 to 5

How long do you work per week? 40 hours? 50 hours? If you have to work 9 to 5, the job you like will become the job you don’t like. People are complaining about their long working time, they don’t have enough free time for friends, families, and theirself.

Workers that hate 9 to 5 life feel trapped in their offices and just hate about being there. Most of the time they are counting how much working time is left, they will “escape” as soon as it’s over.


How are your coworkers and your boss? Bad? The people you work with can make your day but they can also ruin your day. People think they have the worst coworkers and boss on the planet. Having a toxic boss is very common, some bosses are so terrible that make people quit their jobs.

Not only toxic boss can ruin your job, bad coworkers can easily destroy your day. Bad coworkers can decrease your productivity and even damage your health.

Company Culture

Sometimes is the company culture make you so unhappy. It can be the company’s vision, it’s policies, or simply how your managers run the company.

Stay in a company that has bad culture will make you feel uncomfortable and unfriendly. Some people rather stay in a small company that has a better culture than a big company with terrible culture.


What is that? Many people can’t see the future of their jobs. Lacking the chance of promotion and knowing you are stuck in your position, this is really the worst thing to happen.

Unfortunately, many workers are stuck in this kind of dead-end jobs. They see no future and are already dead inside. They have only two options, quit or stay, most people will still choose to stay.


Admit it, you never like your job. It’s not what you want, it’s not what you like. Many people are not doing the job they really good at and really passionate about. They work for their bosses not for theirself.

So why they still get these jobs, it’s really simple, they need a paycheck just like you.

Be The 15%

What if there’s a job that has following features:Why 85% of People Hate Their Jobs

  • Earn more money than ever before.
  • Flexible working times.
  • Earn while you sleep.
  • Work with the people you like.
  • You’re your own boss.
  • Has unlimited future and possibilities.
  • Require your true talent.
  • What you truly passion about.

Who said you need to earn money by doing the things you don’t like. Who said it’s impossible turning your hobbies into a business. It seems too good to be true. In fact, this job does exist and it’s called affiliate marketing.

Most people are too afraid to make changes that even they know what is affiliate marketing, they have never tried it and go back to hate their jobs. Will you be one of them, be one of the 85% that hate their jobs? Or you will give it a try and become one of the 15% that enjoy their life.


Can you relate? Or you are already the 15% of people that love their jobs, comment below, I would like to see your feedback.

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