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best ways to make money online as a teen

Teens nowadays are not like teens before, we now have a better access to the internet and there are hundreds and thousands of ways to make money, some work and some don’t. I’m a college student making living online so I kinda know what I’m talking. I picked the 5 best ways to make money online as a teen based on my own experience and other people’s reviews.

You can start to make money online right away after reading this post.

1. Swagbucks

best ways to make money online as a teen

It’s the easiest way to make money online but the amount of money you can make is the fewest. You can earn swagbucks by doing online surveys, watching videos, playing online games or using their search engines. You can then use swagbucks to buy Amazon gift card or cash out to PayPal, 500 swagbucks equal $5 USD.

On average a 10 minutes survey can earn you 50 swagbucks, sometimes you can earn 2500 swagbucks by complete one single task! If you don’t want to spend time doing those tasks, you can earn swagbucks by watching videos and let those videos run in the background so you don’t have to waste your time watching the video you aren’t interested in.

Swagbucks isn’t the platform that you can make a living with but a quick way to make some extra few bucks to buy a drink or something.


2. Fiverrbest ways to make money online as a teen

Fiverr is the biggest freelancer marketplace on the internet. There are two ways to make money as a teenager on Fiverr.


Many teenagers and college students want to be a freelancer online because they can actually work from home as a total beginner without any work experience while making a relatively high and stable income.

You don’t need to be an expert in certain fields to be a freelancer, you just need to be better than your customers. For instance, if you are a Spanish native speaker, you can do some translation jobs. If you really don’t have any special skill, you can go to YouTube and learn some skills like photoshop, you only need to be better than average.

The price per job done starts from $5 then $10, $15…, I’ll suggest you lower your price to increase the chance someone buys from you. However, it’s quite hard to get your first sale, after that everything will start to snowball.


As you can see, those services on Fiverr are very cheap but very high quality. Not many people know there’s a platform called Fiverr and only a few people know you can actually resell on Fiverr. I’m not talking about reselling directly on Fiverr but resell the services outside Fiverr.

Let’s say there’s a company looking for someone to design a logo for $100, you can go to the Fiverr and have a person design the logo for $20, basically, you are the middleman. You can resell those services on Fiverr to the person who doesn’t know how to get their jobs done for a cheap price.


3. eBay

best ways to make money online as a teen

I believe there are lots of things at your house that you will never use again, they may worth more than $1000 but you see them as a trash, selling those “trashes” on eBay and you will have an unexpected result. This is the easiest and the fastest way to make a decent amount of money but not many people actually do this because they are too lazy to do this.

If you don’t have anything to sell, you can flip or resell those products. You can find a cheap product on eBay and resell it with a higher price on eBay or Amazon. Believe it or not, lots of businesses start from flipping products online and get their momentum rolling.

Flipping products on eBay is a great way to earn money online for beginners, you can not only earn a good amount of money online but also gain some valuable business and marketing experience that money can’t buy.

eBay Home Page

4. Instagrambest ways to make money online as a teen

Yeah, you can make money on Instagram. Most of the people making money on Instagram are teenagers or students because this is a relatively new platform. There are three main ways to make money on Instagram.

Shout Out

The first way is shout out, if you don’t know what is shout out, shout out is tagging the person in your post or story and tell your followers to follow that person. So how much you can make from a shout out, it depends on your followers amount, the engagement rate and even their countries. On average a 100k account can make $10 – $30 from one single shout out.

Growing your account to 100k will cost you lots of money and times. Shout out is my least favorite way to make money on Instagram, however, if you really want to grow your Instagram for any reason, I highly recommend you to check out this influencer network where people will do shout out for shout out and engagement rounds to boost your followers.

Selling Account

Guess how much does a 100k account worth, $100? $200? $500? Based on the engagement rate, the average price of a 100k account is between $3000 and $4000, some people are making a full-time income on Instagram just through selling accounts. You can find your buyers yourself or go to the account marketplace like Social Tradia.

The fastest way to grow your account to 100k is reposting other viral contents and utilize the influencer network to explode your followers. Of course, it’s more than just these simple steps but they are the core elements.

Instagram Marketing

Besides selling shout outs and selling accounts, my favorite way to make money on Instagram is Instagram marketing, this is what I’m doing and it’s how I’m able to make a living online. Instagram is a goldmine that most of the people don’t know how to monetize it. Let me show you some stats and you will understand:

  • Instagram has 58 times more engagement than Facebook
  • In the last few years, the organic engagement rate of Instagram has grown by 115% while Facebook has decreased by 63%
  • 96% of marketers are using Facebook and only 36% of marketers are on Instagram

So why this is important to you. Traffic, or potential customer is one of the most important things in marketing. Instagram allows us to drive massive traffic with an insanely cheap price, it’s like spending $10 to buy $1000.

As you keep reading this post, you will find you’re not only able to make extra few bucks online but also make a full-time income online. Thanks for the internet, we now able to earn a full-time income as a total beginner.

5. Affiliate Marketing

best ways to make money online as a teen

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell, is earning commissions by promoting other people’s products or services. When someone buys a product through your special affiliate link, you can earn a percentage of commissions. Some famous advertisers include Amazon Associate and iTunes Affiliate Program. Or you can join an affiliate network that has tons of different advertisers, for instance, Clickbank and CJ Affiliate.

I think affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online because you don’t need to have any product or any marketing experience. It’s totally newbie friendly and has a crazy amount of earning potential.

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.” – Bo Bennett

But affiliate marketing needs some knowledge and resources, that’s why there’s so many affiliate marketing training out there claim can teach you how to become an expert. I’ve been there and have been scammed bad, for affiliate marketing training, you can read my review of my only recommended training program, it’s free to join by the way.

Conclusion – Which One Is The Best?why you should start an affiliate marketing business

It depends on how many you want to make online and how many efforts you are willing to put in. If you only want to make an extra few bucks to buy a drink or a game, then Swagbucks will be your best way to make money online.

If you don’t want to do part-time jobs like all your friends did but still want to balance your entertainment expenses, then Fiverr, flipping products on eBay or doing Instagram shout outs are the thing you should try.

If you are serious to make a living online and retire in your 20s, then Instagram marketing and affiliate marketing are the best business to start as a teenager, a student or a complete beginner. Online marketing isn’t easy at all, that’s why I highly recommend people to follow this step by step training to learn the proper way to start an online business. In fact, you can reach out to me inside the training program, I’ll be happy to tell you exact how I utilize the power of Instagram to maximum my affiliate sales.

Which one is your favorite way to make money online as a teen? Which one you’ve tried before or want to try? Leave a comment in the comment section below. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “5 Best Ways to Make Money Online As A Teen 2020 – 100% Work

  1. Seriously underrated, I’m 13 and looking for some income for my family. I’ve tried everything on the list except marketing and the Instagram one you were really helpful. Question, what’s the youngest age for affiliate marketing or does it vary on who you’re doing it for?

    1. Hi Neftaly, age isn’t really going to matter. As long as you’re willing to learn and actually do the work, age won’t be a problem at all. And also thanks for your kind words.

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