The Best Keyword Research ​Tool for SEO – Jaaxy Review 2020

No one can deny the importance of keyword research in SEO. Using the right keyword can let you rank on the first page. A good keyword research tool can make the result better and make the process easier.

I recommend you to understand how to do keyword research first, therefore you will know what tool you are looking for.

In my own experience in online marketing, I’ve found Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool for SEO, it’s my go-to keyword research tool. Here is my detailed Jaaxy review…

Highlight Features

Keyword Research

The user interface is very clean and simple, just type your keyword in the search bar and press “Find Keyword”, you can see all information of that keyword and other related keywords.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review

What data will you see…

  • Keyword: The phrase that people type into search engines.
  • Avg: The average number of people search that exact keyword per month.
  • Traffic: Visits to your website per month if you rank on the first page.
  • QSR: Quoted Search Results, number of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact keyword.
  • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator, traffic light rating system shows the quality of keyword.
  • SEO: A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the better.
  • Domains: Available domains that are related to the keyword.

You can find other related keywords on the right-hand side and also brainstorm, which will be covered later.

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet soup technique is a great technique to come up with new content and keyword ideas. Basically, it mixes up your keyword with other alphabets to find potential phrases.

For example, my original keyword is “keyword research”. I used the slider to locate different alphabet, then I can find keywords like “youtube keyword research”, “yahoo keyword research”, “keyword research for your business” and more.

On the right-hand side, you can search the keyword directly and add to brainstorm.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review

Saved Lists

Sometimes you want to compare multiple keywords but don’t want to toggle through different pages, this is where saved lists become handy.

Whenever you are doing keyword research or alphabet soup technique, you will see a small box next to all keywords. If you check the box you can create a new list or add to an existing list.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review


You can compare all keywords in your saved list. And can also export your list as a .txt or .cvs file.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review

Search Analysis

Keyword competition is not the only competition you need to consider, SERP competition is very important too. With the search analysis, you can find out which website is also ranking for your keyword.

It can show the SERP of different search engines, position and also other details, like meta description and how many links on the site. Search analysis can give you a good idea of who are you competing with.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review

Site Rank

Jaaxy is more than a keyword research tool, it can automatically track your ranking in search engines so that you will see whether you are ranked for the keyword or not.

Site rank is one of my favorite features, it not only shows my position in different search engines which saves me lots of time but also tracks my keyword in different time periods, it will give me a cart so that I can see how my website performed over time. Site rank is the best place to monitor the performance of my websites. Without this, it’s really hard to tell the result of my keyword research.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review

Jaaxy Affiliate Program

What if you can actually monetize the tool that helps you monetize your website.

Jaaxy has the most exciting affiliate program, see how much they will pay you when referring one person.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review

Other Features

Search History

It’s a place shows all your search history, you can enter the keyword to filter the search history. I rarely use this.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review

Affiliate Programs

This is not the Jaaxy affiliate program I mentioned earlier, it can help you find affiliate programs in every niche. You can choose different affiliate networks, it will show other details, like commission

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review


I prefer to go to Google and find affiliate programs by myself, it’s very easy.


Brainstorm will list trendy topics in different platform, including Google, Alexa, Amazon and Twitter. You can add these keywords to your brainstorm queues.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review


The problem is those trendy topics may not relate to my niche, those topics include politic, news, entertainment and other stuff that are hard to monetize.

Jaaxy Help

Basically, it’s a complete Jaaxy training, it’s helpful for newbies. There have 4 training videos on these topics.

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management
  • Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis
  • Niche Research Refinement
  • The Affiliate Program Walkthrough

Plus 3 bonuses PDF files that will help you start.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review

Jaaxy v.s. Google Adwords Word Planner

As you search for free keyword research tool, you will definitely find people recommend Adword Word Planner. Yes it will also show traffic and competition, but the competition is paid traffic, what we need is organic traffic, it’s meaningless if we try to compete with ads.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review


Google Adword Word Planner is for those who are using Google Adwords, it’s not a keyword research tool.

Don’t be frustrated if you want a free keyword research tool, because Jaaxy also has free starter plan.

Pricing & Final Thoughts

Jaaxy has three different plans, Starter, Pro and Enterprise. For most people, Pro is the best choice, you will have a full functional keyword research tool. Starter is for those who wants to try Jaaxy, it’s still a great plan but with limited searches. If you have already started to earn money through your website, you can go for Enterprise, it’s more powerful and can save you lots of time.

Here’s what each plan includes.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review


So does Jaaxy worth the price? Of course! Jaaxy can help you earn much more money, not only because it’s such a powerful keyword research tool but also its affiliate program can earn you extra few hundred bucks.

If you still don’t want to invest in your tool, that’s totally fine, you can subscribe to the free starter plan until you start to earn money with your website. In fact, why not try it now and do your first keyword research.

==> Start Your Keyword Research in Jaaxy For Free

Exclusive Bonuses

There is a mystery Lite plan in Jaxxy, which is also free but with unlimited searches and 90% of full features. Plus Lite plan can upgrade to Pro and Enterprise with less than half of the normal price.

the best keyword research tool for seo-jaaxy review


So how do you access the Lite plan? Every member in Wealthy Affiliate can directly access Jaaxy.

Wealthy Affiliate is an ultimate affiliate marketing training program and a website hosting. Thousands of elite marketers are already in Wealthy Affiliate waiting for you. It’s the best place to start your online business empire. Guess what, it also has a free starter plan, why not give it a try. You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review before joining.


Do you have a different opinion about Jaaxy? Or you have any question, please leave a comment below.

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