Is The Four Percent Challenge a Scam? EX-Member Honest Review

People are asking is Four Percent legit? is The Four Percent Challenge a scam? and here’s my 100% honest review, unlike other Four percent reviews, I’m an ex-member of The Four Percent Challenge, so I can make sure my content is 100% real. If you don’t know what is Four percent or The Four Percent Challenge, let’s take a quick overview.

The Four Percent Challenge Overview

Name: The Four Percent Challenge


Price: $1 first 7 days, $49 per month or $497 one-time payment

Owner: Vick Strizheus

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

The founder of Four Percent, Vick Strizheus, he has more than 13 years of experience in online marketing, he knows something about online business for sure. He is definitely a successful online marketer, but what about his program, The Four Percent Challenge?

What is “Four Percent” stands for? On average, only 4 people in 100 people will become successful, and what Four Percent does is, it helps you become the 4 percent, or The Four Percenter.

With their step by step courses and training, you can earn money by starting your own business or promoting their products. He promises can make you above the average.

Inside The Four Percent Challenge

After sign up, you will have instant access to one of their core products, The Four Percent Challenge, It breakdown into three levels $10K, $100K and $1M, you will only have access to the first level, once you have earned $10K, level 2 will be unlocked, and once you have earned $100k, level 3 will be unlocked. It has set the goal for you, $10K, $100K and &1M. Inside the challenge, Vick will go through the process to help you reach these goals.


Each day you have to take a metaphorical pill, Success Pill, basically those success pills are different sessions inside each challenge.


You can only watch one session per day, after you finish watching today’s training, you need to mark it as complete, and the next session will be opened next day.


The cool thing is Vick isn’t just teaching you how to earn money, he is like your mentor, every day he will give you some ideas, direction and goals that will make you feel positive and pumped.

The thing is, after I paid $1 and started my first 7 days, I found that Vick barely told me what to do, instead he told me lots of ideas, he spent 6 days to tell me you must believe in your goals and told me to make a goal card, but he didn’t take any actions that can help me reach my goals. It’s kind of forcing you to go for their monthly payment, because the actual training starts from the 7th session. Unlike other programs you need to confirm your payment, if you didn’t cancel your Four Percent subscription before the first 7 days run out, you will be automatically charged, not to mention the only way to cancel the subscription is through their customer support and it’s not clear at all.

The Tools You Need

According to what Vick said, in order to earn money, you will need to have these tools…

-Get Response: $15 per month with 30 days free trial

E-mail autoresponder

-Click Magic: $12 per month with 14 days free trial

Custom link tracking

-Click Funnels: $97 per month with 14 days free trial

Custom landing page

-Name Cheap: $8.88 first year $10.98 following years (different domain will have different price, here I’m using .com)

Buy your own domain

-Private E-mail: $9.88 per year

Private E-mail on your own domain

-E-Stage: $497 one-time payment

Build your central hub

-Bluehost: $3.95 per month

Hosting company

-Internet Traffic Mastery: $997 one-time payment

Traffic strategies and training

-Four Percent Promotional Partner (optional): $19.95 per month or $197 one-time payment

Promoting The Four Percent Challenge and earn commissions


So besides paying $49 per month to maintain your Four Percent membership, you still need to pay at least $1640.71 in your first month. Honestly, I think you don’t need to buy the Internet Traffic Mastery in your first month, because that cost you a lot, but you still need to pay $643.71. If you decide to stick with Vick, do whatever he told you to do, and become a Promotional Partner, you will need to pay additional $19.95, don’t forget your Four Percent monthly fee, that’s $1709.66 in total. OMG! before you reach the 10K goal, you already spent at least $1709.66.

After spending those money, how can I earn my first $10K, here’s how…

Multiple Streams of Income

If you become a Four Percent Promotional Partner, every referral you made will earn you commissions. Not only Four Percent will pay you, almost every companies I’ve mentioned earlier will pay you too, like Get Response, Click Magic, Click Funnels, E-Stage and Bluehost. The percentage of commission differ from each company, but most companies will pay you greater than 50% commission.

But what if you decide to promote your own products, and don’t want to become a Promotional Partner, that’s totally fine, you can use the same ideas of starting an online business, but you won’t able to have multiple streams of income.

The Four Percent Challenge is mainly targeting those people who want earn money through promoting Four Percent, if you want to start your own online business that doing whatever you want, I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Is The Four Percent Challenge a Scam?

I will say NO, The Four Percent Challenge or Four Percent is not a scam, Vick doesn’t promise you can earn $10K in 60 days, half year or what. He said once you reach the 10K goal, you can go to the next level, no matter how long it takes. It’s true, you can earn money if you follow the program.

Here’s the point, every day Vick will emphasize the importance of sticking with the program and you will only succeed if you don’t deviate from the plan. Here in The Four Percent Challenge, Vick teaches you “a” way to earn money online, of course it will work, but is it “the only way” or “the best way” to earn money online? I don’t think so, almost everyone in The Four Percent Challenge is using the same methods, because they only have the same limited resources, The Success Pills. Vick doesn’t give you enough freedom to start your own business.

Inside Four Percent, there’s no community, so if you got questions or need advice, you can’t get instant help. The only community is their Four Percent Facebook Group.


-Step by step training each day

-Clear goals and directions

-All tools you need

-The best ecosystem in the market that earns multiple streams of income


-Only have access to one session per day

-The cancellation is not clear

-High threshold that cost a lot when starting

-Limited resources and ways

-The community is not easy to access


You can go for The Four Percent Challenge if you want, but if you can’t afford that much and don’t want limited resources, go check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

What’s your opinion about The Four Percent Challenge, or you have any question, comment below, I’m willing to hear different voices. If you like my review, please share it.



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18 thoughts on “Is The Four Percent Challenge a Scam? EX-Member Honest Review

  1. The Four Percent Challenge…or, the four percent group is very interesting. One question…why pay all that money and add all your contacts to Vick’s list (he will market to them) when you can do much better in WA?

    1. Hi Larry,
      I have the exact same feeling after I quit Fourpercent and joined Wealthy Affiliate. After staying in the Fourpercent for a month, I had a feeling that what I’ve done is making Vick richer, the tools and the training courses are so expensive, and those tools and training are mainly designed for promoting Fourpercent, that’s the main reason I quit. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, I can feel Kyle really wants to help others to become an excellent marketer, that’s why he created a platform with such a powerful community where we can exchange our knowledge without extra cost.

  2. There seems to be a move for bigger marketers towards recruiting people to build their teams and mailing lists for them while charging them for the privilege. People also have to pay to become affiliates like they’re joining some exclusive insider club. If a marketers product is good enough, it will sell itself or will sell with the help of free affiliates like on Clickbank or JVZoo. If they have to get people to pay to become affiliates, that’s where they’re making their money, not from selling the product itself. And they get to build a bigger list they can market to as well, all at the expense of their paying affiliates.

  3. I started the four percent a couple of years ago and lost 3 out of my 4 referrals. I knew I lost them as they were my friends yet they weren’t under any of my links that you set up after all the tools you have to purchase. After seeing a video of Vick doing dodgy stuff online with an insurance company, I just got the hell out of there.

    He does know how to market, but it seems he has mastered other not so good things as well. Don’t waste your money guys!

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Vick is a smart and successful marketer because he knows how to have other people make him money, and we are those people who make him richer and richer, that’s why I decided to leave after I found his intention.

  4. Nice post… A lot has changed with the Four Percent. I understand where you all are coming from though in the comments. I’m in it and love it!

    1. Hi Ross,
      Glad you like my post and have success in Four Percent.
      My best and the only suggestion is to pick what best suitable for you. It’s just my personal experience and other newbies when starting out affiliate marketing, the upfront cost is too much for most people, I do know lots of people doing really great with Four Percent.

    2. What if you’ve got most of the tools already like landing page, website, email autoresponder etc, Is it mandatory to buy those recommended tools inside the 4 percent to do the “challenge”?

      1. The tools inside the challenge are landing page/sales funnel builder, autoresponder etc. If you already have the tools you’re good to go!

        Those tools aren’t made by 4 percent, they teach you how to use those tools and join their affiliate program, so when your referrals join the challenge, you will not only get the commission from the challenge itself but also commissions from those tools, that’s what he called “Multiple Streams of Income”

        If you want to get training about affiliate marketing I’ll personally suggest wealthy affiliate, it’s more general and they give you a broader view of affiliate marketing. I also wrote a detailed review of wealthy affiliate, you can check it out here.

  5. I’m the four percent challenge right now and is a good platform and yes you have to spend money on the tools, but at the end of the day if you want to be a successful affiliate you will need to get them regardless it takes money to make money….now you raised a very important point in the four percent review which I read and that is that like you said there’s no freedom you’re only promoting the four percent and all the passive affiliate income comes after someone you refer joins witch goes back to the point of having a lack of freedom because you pretty much advertising/working for Vick and that’s what’s been on my mind in the past 10 days of being in the four percent challenge… the end of the day I just want to be great affiliate marketer and this wealthy affiliate site is really drawing my attention but the question I have for you guys is how fast can you start making money on wealthy affiliate???? because i’m not trying to wait for 3 moths just to see a few bucks because the reson i joined the four percent is because you start making money withing the month if not faster even if is promoting vicks program. I’m extremely serious about this and I’m ready to learn and grow mentally and financially? I’m not a newbie, in the sense that I know how to build funnels drive traffic collect e-mails leads and all the good stuff, but I’m also not a pro I still have a lot of things to learn that I don’t know yet, I guess that’s why I joined the four percent but, I’m starting to realize the program is one track minded and you’re pretty much stuck doing things one way and one way only

    1. Hi Ismael,

      Honestly you should be happy if you can start to make some money after 3 months, since we’re building a sustainable long term business, we can’t expect to see results in the first or second month.

      Wealthy affiliate is mainly focusing on SEO and organic traffic which allows you to spend $0 on ads and still making money, but it takes time, if you stick with the training inside wealthy affiliate you can expect seeing some results in your third month, at least that’s when I made my first dollar.

      BUT if you can leverage your funnels and email marketing skill you can get results way faster, since you can capture their infos and follow up with your leads.

      You can check out my wealthy affiliate review, at the end of the review I broke down what result you can expect in each stage.

  6. With ClickBank as your platform to generate income, you can choose an interest and turn it into an online business without any experience.
    Affiliate marketing focuses on these 5 steps…
    1. How to find your “interest” and niche market
    2. The type of proven website you should be building as an affiliate
    3. How to promote the affiliate program to your prospects and get sales
    4. The secret of driving traffic to your offer
    5. How to use emails profitably to create “commission automation”

  7. Every program has its pros and cons. However the thing is that the strategies they teach can be very valuable and the structured format in which they lay down the strategies is what makes the program special and better than others in the market as they hand you a well-structured blueprint rather than random tips and techniques which can actually make the newbies all the more lost and confused.

  8. Not Sure teh Jury is out , however knowing Vick”s past would not have joined hope they are good on their word

  9. Unbelievable.
    I just can’t believe this guy Vick is still doing the same shenanigans he is been doing for more than a decade.

    I truly believe this guy should be back in jail for all his crimes. He is been playing with peoples feelings and money. Someone must do something about it.

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