How to Track My Website Traffic – 100% Free

Tracking and understanding your website traffic is good for your website because you can see which type of contents has the most views, and which type of contents let you lose your audiences.

Here we are using the most powerful analytic tools, Google Analytics, and it’s totally FREE. With Google Analytics, you can not only see how much traffic you get but also their ages, genders, where they live, what devices they are using and more!

I’m going to walk you through how to install Google Analytics on your website.


1. Go to Google Analytics and sign up.



2. Google Analytics works for both Website and Mobile app, here I’m using the website, so I choose the “Website” button.


3. Set up your Account Name, you can have several analytic campaigns with the same account name.


4. Fill your Website Name, I like to use my domain name.


5. Enter your Website URL. (NOTE! make sure your website is using http:// or https://)


6. Choose the category of your website and select your time zone.


7. Read the Data Sharing Settings and decide whether you’re going to share your data with Google or not, it’s up to you. After that click “Get Tracking ID”.


8. The Service Agreement will pop out, check the box and hit “I Accept”.


Now we need to install it on your website, if you are a WordPress user, you can install it with a plugin, and if you are not a WordPress user or the plugin doesn’t work, jump to step 14.


9. Only copy your tracking ID, the “UA- XXXXXXX-X”


10. Back to your website “Dashboard” >>”Plugins” >> “Add New” and search All in One SEO Pack. Install and activate it.


11. Go to “All in One SEO” >> “General Settings”


12. Scroll down you can find “Google Settings”, paste your tracking ID and enable “Advanced Analytics Options”. You can leave others as default settings.

13. Jump to step 19.

14. Copy the entire Global Site Tag.


15, Go to your website file or editor, here in WordPress is under “Appearance” >> “Editor”. (NOTE! you may want to back up your website first, if you are afraid of losing some contents, normally it will be just fine.)


16. Open the “header.php” file.


17. Locate the header area.


18. Paste the Global Site Tag you copied earlier just before <?php wp_head( ) ; ?>

19. Scroll down and click “Update File”.


20. Now back to Google Analytic “Home” >> “Real Time” >> “Overview”, and open your website, if you installed successfully, there will be showing 1 active user on site.



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