FueledLeads Review 2020 – SCAM? LEGIT? PYRAMID?

fueledleads review

FueledLeads is a new company in this game that’s why there’s almost no review on the internet. Fortunately here’s one and it will be 100% transparent. I’ll go through what’s FueledLeads about and its pros and cons.

What Is FueledLeads?

It’s a social media management company that has many services. It helps businesses managing their social media accounts and helps them get more customers and leads. Although they have other services like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, their biggest and what most people are using is their Instagram services, so I’ll only talk about their Instagram services in this review.

Account Management Service

This service is for people who want to make money or more money. If you are a marketer or a business what you will be interested in is their ability to do targeting. Their account managers can help you like, comment, follow/unfollow and send DMs (direct messages) all based on your target (location, gender, hobbies, hashtags etc.). The followers or leads you’re getting are all targeted for your business. They can send up to 900 DMs and more than 1200 comments per month.

Those are the things they can do but doesn’t mean you need to use them all, some people complain this service ruins their accounts that’s because they didn’t tell the manager what to do. Like you can tell them to only send 10 DMs per day instead of 30. Their account managing service is fully customizable, those people who say it ruins their accounts don’t set it up right. At least their account management service treats my account well.

Lots of people using this account management service are actually not businesses or marketers, and this is because they can get full access to their affiliate program and affiliate training by buying the account management service. The cool thing is you can actually use their account management service to promote itself. To some extends promoting FueledLeads is a business so their service can definitely help you get more sales.

Account Management Service for Business

Engagement Boost Service

If you have ever tried to buy likes before you probably will find lots of fake likes or expensive packages. This is how FueledLeads completely destroy its competitors. FueledLeads delivers real likes from real accounts at a surprisingly cheap rate, even cheaper than fake likes.

This is how real likes are delivered, they will put your username in a like pool which consists of lots of real accounts. When you post a new post, the system will detect that and send real likes to your post within 30 minutes. There are always different accounts liking your posts so you have a better chance to rank on hashtags and explore page.

Other companies are selling likes based on how many posts you want to be liked, this will be really expensive if you want to have likes every time you post. This is what FueledLeads impresses me, they’re selling their packages as monthly subscription which means you can post as many posts you want and still get likes every time, and the subscription fee isn’t expensive at all.

You can check all their packages and prices here.

Engagement Boost Service

How Can I Make Money With FueledLeads?

This is what most people are interested in. Like I said some people will subscribe account management service is because they can access their affiliate program and affiliate training. Basically, account management service is designed for helping you make more money, no matter you’re using it on your own business or you’re using it as an affiliate.

You can promote every FueledLeads services and get 50% monthly recurring commission. Let’s say a person subscribes to the basic $38 account management service under you, you can get $19 every month as long as he doesn’t unsubscribe.

That’s not all, they also have a 15% second tier commission which means when you referrals make sales you can still get 15% of their total sales every month. At some point, you can actually watch your profit add up without doing anything.

Some people accuse this is “Pyramid Scheme” because they focus too much on the second tier commission. In fact, two-tier commission is a common practice in the affiliate marketing business, only people who don’t understand the model will call it pyramid scheme. Plus pyramid scheme is illegal and FueledLeads is a legal UK company.

Make Money With FueledLeads

Why FueledLeads?

FueledLeads is probably the best affiliate product you can promote on Instagram. Business is solving problems, FueledLeads solves the two biggest problems people on Instagram have, money and fame. Many people tried to promote other affiliate offers but failed because they’re not relevant.

FueledLeads helps people grow their businesses and Instagram pages, especially their engagement boost service which can be literally promoted to everyone on Instagram and it’s totally affordable.

If you’re not using FueledLeads for your business or page growth, you can see it as a make money online program. In fact, many people are using it as a make money on Instagram program and it’s much cheaper than other “make money online” programs.

Let’s face it which “make money online” program will only need $38 investment and can make the money back in one day and make $200 recurring commission in the first month, yeah that’s my first month results. Because it actually gives what people want that’s why it can convert so well.

FueledLeads’ affiliate commssion is one of the highest you can ever find, they only keep 35% of the profits and share the rest to its affiliates, not to mention it’s recurring commission.

The Training

Everyone who buys FueledLeads can access their Instagram training which teaches how to create a good Instagram page that will go viral, including how to create good contents, how to structure your bio right and many more.

And for anyone who buys the account management service besides the Instagram training they can also access their affiliate training. This training is so powerful which includes how to set up FueledLeads to promote itself, how to find potential leads, how to close the sales deals, and how to retain your leads.

fueledleads review

My favorite part is their templates, they give you all templates of how to promote their services, they give you all their possible answers and how you can reply to them. It really helps me to get started, from there I then develop my own templates.

Besides those templates, they also give you general tips like how to use the keyboard shortcut to save your time and something like that. Sometimes those small tips will make a big difference.

And they also give you bonus 200 high quality ready to go images for your Instagram post, it doesn’t have too many things to do with closing sales but it is a good bonus I must say.

fueledleads review

The Community

What really makes me love FueledLeads is their community. All of their affiliates will be invited to their official Facebook group where will hold a live Q&A session every week. We can also ask any question in anytime and every member includes the CEO are very happy to help you out. The CEO will also share the new updates and tips to us.

fueledleads review

Besides the weekly live Q&A session, they will also have weekly referral bonuses. If you can hit the referral goal of that weekend you can get the bonuses, sometimes they will even give 100% commission as a bonus.

They also have a team system which means you will be invited to join the team who refer you to FueledLeads. Some people build their team directly on Instagram DM group chat, most people prefer to build their team on Facebook Messenger group chat. I was also invited to join my sponsor’s team, they give me proven templates and strategies to get sales, they help me quickly get into the situation and help me make $200 in my first month.

Conclusion + My Personal FREE Bonuses

Overall I’ll say FueledLeads is very legit no matter which service you want to use. Many people are struggling to make money on Instagram and they don’t know what can promote, well here’s your answer, why not sell what people on Instagram want.

For everyone who wants to buy their account management service and start making money on Instagram, I kindly invite you to join my team. I’ll add you to join my private team chat with the CEO where we share all our proven templates and strategies to get sales. I’ll also personally guiding you step-by-step how to close the sales deal, you can even send your every conversation with me and I’ll tell exactly how to reply. Let me close the sales for you and you make the money, sounds good?

If you’re willing to follow our steps and put in the work, I can 99.99% guarantee that you will have success in your first month inside Fueledleads, in fact I’ve covered my fee in my first day following their steps and start to make profits in my first week.

In case you don’t believe me, here are some screenshots of my results inside FueledLeads.

fueledleads reviewfueledleads review

fueledleads review

But there’s a kicker, in order to join my team, you will need to sign up via my link below so I can get notified and I’ll send you an email, or you can simply send a direct message to me on Instagram @businessmindfucked.


If you have any question or feedback on this post, feel free to leave a comment below or you can hit me up on Instagram @buseinssmindfucked for more details about their every service. 🙂

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