7 Reasons Why You Should Start an Affiliate Marketing Business 2020

why you should start an affiliate marketing business

If you want to find a way to make money online from home or you hate your job and want to find a way to earn a full-time income doing what you love, then you come to the right place.

I’m going to reveal 7 reasons why you should start an affiliate marketing business today which can earn you unlimited profit, but before we start, make sure you understand what is affiliate marketing and how does it work.

Here are the 7 reasons to start an affiliate marketing business…

1. Cheapest

Most of the affiliate programs and affiliate networks are free to join, I mean if you want someone to promote your products or services, there’s no reason why you should charge them to do so. The only program I know that need to pay them to become their affiliate partner is FourPercent. Other big affiliate programs and networks like Amazon Associates, Clickbank and LinkShare are totally free to join.

Beside finding affiliate products to promote, you will also need a website. You can build a free website but is recommended to buy your own domain which normally cost you less than $15 per year. Compare to other businesses that will cost you hundreds and thousands to start, affiliate marketing is very pocket-friendly and the earning potential is still very remarkable.

2. Fastest

One of the biggest advantages of online marketing like affiliate marketing is everything is very fast. You can establish your business from scratch in less than 1 hour and start to make profits a month after. It’s very common to see people earning full-time income through affiliate marketing in just 1 year, some people achieve the goal in less than half year.

In the offline world, it will take 10 or more years to become an authority in the industry, but in the online world, you can become an authority in your niche in 2 to 5 years. If you are utilizing social media for branding, it will be even quicker. When you are an authority in the niche, it’s possible to earn one million or one billion per year.

Affiliate marketing is not a business that can see results overnight, but you will see results really soon. Compare to other businesses, affiliate marketing is the fastest business to set up and to start earning.

3. Easiestwhy you should start an affiliate marketing business

You don’t need to have knowledge of marketing or currencies. You don’t need to read those complex charts you see in movies and commercials. The whole concept of affiliate marketing is extremely simple, you promote products or services and you earn commissions, that’s it.

Affiliate marketing is so simple that even a 15 years old student can earn over $100 per day. Affiliate marketing is very newbie friendly, everyone can start their own affiliate marketing business no matter who you are, where you are or how old how experienced you are.

4. Safest

You can’t lose money if you didn’t put money in. Many people are afraid of starting a business because they think it’s too risky, yeah it’s risky if you have to invest thousands of dollars in your business. You may lose everything overnight if something is going wrong.

This kind of situation won’t happen in your affiliate marketing business, like what I’ve said, you only have to invest few bucks to start. The worst situation is not earning money, it won’t make you bankrupt. Affiliate marketing is totally risk-free, it’s the safest business you can find.

5. Flexible

This is one of the biggest reasons why people quit their jobs and start their affiliate marketing business. You can work anytime, anywhere you want. You are your own boss, you can work from home or even work when you’re traveling around the world. With affiliate marketing, you can escape the 9 to 5 working life.

Not only the working time is flexible, what you can do is also very flexible. There are no strict rules of how to do affiliate marketing, some people are writing blogs, some people are doing video marketing, and some people are utilizing social media. Affiliate marketing is so broad that has unlimited possibilities and profit.

6. Profitable

why you should start an affiliate marketing business

Many people have the myth that a profitable business must be really hard to start, they don’t know an easy to start business like affiliate marketing can earn them tons of money. If you really dive in and search for affiliate programs out there, you can find many advertisers will pay a decent amount of commissions per sale, like $65, $100 or even more.

Pat Flynn is a blogger and he openly shares his income report in December 2017, he has earned $105,619.13 in one month just through affiliate marketing. I know this is an extreme example but many people are earning a full-time income doing affiliate marketing. Take Amazon as an example, look how many products you can promote, it’s really a profitable business.

7. Scalable

When you have acclimated enough money, you can start to use money to earn more money. You can run ads to drive more traffic, hire a ghostwriter to write contents for you, or even recruit crew members to manage your business. You are the CEO of your business, by then, you will have less thing to do, but more money to earn.

You can also start multiple businesses in different niches to earn multiple streams of income. Affiliate marketing is a scalable business, there is no limit of how big can it grow and how broad can it go.


So why you should start an affiliate marketing business? You already know that. In my opinion, affiliate marketing is really the best way to earn money online, it’s the dream business that everyone can start and everyone should start.

Although affiliate marketing is very beginner friendly, it still needs some basic knowledge, that’s why so many people fail on affiliate marketing, they totally ignore the basic rules of online marketing and only focus on making profits. There are tons of affiliate marketing training programs out there, some will work, some won’t. I’ve been there and being scammed badly until I found a legit program that is totally free to join and has many elite affiliate marketers in it.


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