What is SEO & Why It Matters? – Ultimate Guide

You may have already heard of SEO from youtubers, vloggers or marketers. What is SEO and why it matters that almost everyone in the online marketing world so cares about it. The main reason is anything online has something to do with search engines, and SEO, or search engine optimization is the key point to compete with others.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization is the process to perform better in search results. By optimize the website and website’s contents for search engines, the website and its contents will rank higher in search engines.

Basically, SEO is to work with the algorithm of search engines, like Google has its own algorithm, if we can follow its rules and not violate them, our websites can have better SEO and will perform really well. Search engines algorithm is everchanging, that’s why search engine optimization is an ongoing process.

So why we need to perform well in search engines? Why SEO matters? Here’s why…

Higher Impression

When you search for something on Google, will you go to the sixth page to find the information? No, I believe most people won’t even go to the second page. We will only stay on the first page, why? Because after these years, Google has already evolved its algorithm to show the most relevant and helpful results on the first page, so we don’t have to go to other pages to find the information we need.

Like what I’ve said, by optimizing the website, it can rank higher or even rank on the first page. This can increase the impression dramatically.

More Traffic

Do you know how many times people search “what is seo” per month? According to Jaaxy Keywords Research Tool, the average number of people search the exact words “what is seo” per month is 21,4882. If the post is ranked on the first page, it can get 3,6530 people from that particular keyword.

what is seo and why it matters

Of course, one post won’t only rank for one keyword, many related keywords can trigger the post. We can expect lot more traffic driving to that post.

Some popular keywords can bring over 40,000 visitors to your website, but it will only happen if you rank on the first page. So how do you rank on the first page, really simple, SEO!

More Money

There are many ways to monetize a website, most online marketers are doing affiliate marketing. No matter which method they are using, they all need to attract visitors to their sites. Some people rely on paid traffic, like advertisements, but for a long-term success, what they need is organic traffic.

What online marketers want is to earn more money, in order to do that, they need to follow this:

Good SEO >> Higher Rank in Search Engines >> Higher Impression >> More Traffic >> More People Buy on Their Sites >> More Money$$

SEO Strategies

SEO sounds awesome but how to improve your SEO? I listed 11 tips that will significantly help your SEO.


SEO, or search engine optimization is not only needed for online marketers, anyone who wants to build a successful website will need SEO.

I hope you understand what is SEO and why it matters, if you have any question or anything want to say, please leave a comment below, I’ll personally check them out.

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