9 Best Ways to Make Money Online From Home 2020

Before we start to dive in the best ways to make money online from home, I need to make it clear, you can’t actually “make” money online, you have to EARN money online. You need to make efforts in order to earn money. Don’t expect you can earn money without doing anything. This is extremely vital, trust me, I’ve tried to “make” money without doing anything, and I failed. But you can make lots of money with relatively little amount of efforts, this is certain.

And here is the best ways to earn money online from home.


Active income is basically exchanging your time for money. The amount of money you make depends on how much time you spent and how much effort you put in.


Amazon mechanical turk or Amazon mturk is a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. You get paid by completing HITs or human intelligence tasks, basically, HITs are tasks that can’t be done by computer. Those tasks are very simple, like data collecting, transcribing or doing surveys. It won’t cost you too much time to complete a HIT, but the reward is very low, you can only get approximately $0.05 by completing one task, some tasks will give you $1 after you complete it, while some will only give you $0.01. And there’s a bad news, Amazon mturk is not always available to the newly registered worker.




Swagbucks is a great way to earn some extra money. You get paid by doing surveys, watching videos, shopping, using their search engine or playing online games, sometimes they will have bonus and special offer. You will not get paid in cash directly, instead you will earn swagbucks after completing any tasks. 500 swagbucks equal $5 Amazon gift card or $5 in PayPal, that’s basically $5 cash, because you can use PayPal anywhere. Swagbucks is easy to earn, by completing a 10 minutes survey, you can earn 50 swagbucks or even higher. Sometimes you can earn 2500 swagbucks by completing one task. Swagbucks is legit!



Fiverr is the largest online marketplace for freelance services, and there’re actually two ways to earn money on Fiverr.


This is the most common way and what most people will do. The beginning price per job is $5, you can set the price you like. If you have some skills that others don’t have, you can take advantage of that. Let’s say you’re good at translation, you can translate 300 words for $10, if you’ve done a great job, your customer may even give you a tip. If you don’t have any skills, that’s OK, you can go online and learn new skills, like photoshop. There are tons of photoshop tutorials on YouTube, you can learn how to photoshop, and when someone needs photoshop, they may look up to you. Or you can do nothing, I’ve seen some guys paid one man $5 for doing nothing. The service that man is selling is called “I will do nothing”. However, it’s hard to get sales for a new seller. Here is another way to earn money on Fiverr.


As you can see, these services on Fiverr are very cheap, you can get high-quality services at low price. You can resell these services to those don’t know how to get services that cheap. Whiteboard animations are very popular, and you can have someone make a really great whiteboard animation for $10, then sell it for $100 or even $200. Or you can go online and search for any companies or brands that need a logo, you can charge them $400 or $500, then you go to Fiverr and find someone who designs a decent logo for $30. You got the idea, you are basically an intermediary.



Leapforce is a search engine evaluator website. It’s good because you can work at anywhere, anytime, and you can set how long you want to work, and they pay you pretty well, you can easily earn $10 per hour or higher. It is nice if you see it as a part-time job, you won’t have full-time income on Leapforce, because there’re not always have a job available for you, and you need to be qualified to do the work, the qualification process is very time-consuming. You can earn some extra money, but you won’t be rich.



Passive income requires initial time and effort, but once you set it up, you won’t have to do much and still get money rolling, this is what other people said “Earning money while you are sleeping”.


Shutterstock is a website where you can buy stock images and videos, you can also sell your photos on Shutterstock, and every time someone downloads your photos, you get the commission. There’re several ways they pay you, but the rules are same, the more people download your content, the more you earn.



If you are an amateur photographer also want to sell photos for money but your photos don’t have the chance to be bought on Shutterstock, try Foap. Foap is a mobile app that also can sell your photos for money, unlike Shutterstock, most people on Foap are amateur, you can use your phone to shoot photos, then sell it. You will get $5 every time someone buys your photo. You can sell other people’s photos too, you can add their photos to your album, and when someone buys the photo, the album owner will get $0.25. There’s more, you can join missions on Foap, if you win the mission, you get $100. Missions are like contests, each mission will choose the best photo fit the subject of that mission.



There are thousands of affiliate programs and networks out there, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is or how does it work, click here for more details about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the way that you can actually be rich and earn you a full-time income, but it requires some basic knowledge, and this is what Wealthy Affiliate is teaching, a program dedicates to help people become an elite affiliate marketer.

Here are two well-known affiliate programs.


There are 23 categories you can choose, each category has tons of products, it’s important to choose which one to promote, my suggestion is sort results by gravity. Gravity is a statistic for products in the marketplace, gravity amount means how many affiliates are making sales of that product, the higher the gravity amount, the more affiliates are earning commissions from that product. Most products in Clickbank will give you 75% commission, that’s a lot.



Imagine you can promote those products on Amazon and get commissions, here’s your chance. Amazon associates allows you to sell its products, but the commission is not as high as Clickbank. The commission used to base on how many sales you’ve made, but now the commission is based on which type of products you’ve sold, from 1% and up to 10%. The good news is, if someone clicks your affiliate link and doesn’t buy the product you are promoting, instead, they buy another product, you will still get the commission, that’s why Amazon associates is so awesome. So If you own a blog, a website or a YouTube channel, why not make a product review and place your affiliate link somewhere, you may earn few bucks or even be rich!



What’s your thought? Got questions? comment below, I’ll happy to see your opinions, and if you like this post, please share it. CHEERS!!

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4 thoughts on “9 Best Ways to Make Money Online From Home 2020

  1. I’m glad you pointed out that there is a difference and we should all aspire to earn money instead of expecting to make it for doing nothing.

    This is the first I’ve heard of Amazon Turk; but if something’s paying me less than a $1 for my hard work, it’s not worth my time.

    I tried Swagbucks, wasn’t for me.

    I’m just diving in to ClickBank… let’s see how that goes. Although if someone can pay me $5 to do nothing, why not give it a shot you know? LOL

    Thanks for the great advice on finding inexpensive Fiverr gigs and reselling them for a higher price. Does this in any way violate Fiverr’s terms of use?

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Diana,
      If you want to resell those gigs, there’s something you need to notice.
      1. Don’t resell them on Fiverr (obviously).
      2. You must tell your sellers you are going to resell their gigs, most of them will agree.
      3. Don’t lie to your buyers, it’s totally fine to let your buyers know you are not the person offering those services. You are acting as an intermediary for those people who don’t know how to find services that cheap.

  2. I never knew one could actually earn money on Fiverr by reselling products. All I thought was you could earn money as a freelancer. This is a great information. I might like to try it someday. I have heard of Swagbucks but never bothered to actually find out how the thing works. It’s an interesting option. But of all the ways to make money online, personally, I find affiliate marketing the most appealing. I’m a newbie blogger and I aspire to learn affiliate marketing someday. I agree that it’s hard work but I think it’s worth it if the training platform is good. Wealthy Affiliate does sound like a great platform. Thanks for an informative article.

    1. Hi Sukumar,
      Earning extra few bucks to buy a cup of coffee will be nice, but when it comes to making a full-time income online, there are no better options, only affiliate marketing. And yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a really great platform that teaches and gives any online marketers what they need.

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