How to Get Your Post and Page Indexed in Google Fast

Normally when you publish your content, it will take few days to get indexed in Google, but people don’t have the patient to wait few days, so here’s how to get your post and page indexed in Google fast!


1. Copy only the end of your content’s URL.


2. Go to Google Search Console, sign in your account and click your website. (If you haven’t added your website to Google Search Console, click here)


3. Go to Dashboard, hit “Crawl” and click on “Fetch as Google”.


4. Now paste the URL you just copied, and hit “FETCH”, don’t click “FETCH AND RENDER”


5. Then click the “Request indexing” button.


6. Check “I’m not a robot”, click “Crawl only this URL” and hit “Go”.


7. All done!


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