How to Build a Website And Earn Money – Free Website Giveaway

Before we start to talk about how to build a website and earn money, let’s first take a look what you should know and notice. After we finish this tutorial, I’ll give you a fully functional website for totally FREE!

Why You Need a Website?

This website will be the hub of your business, here is where all your traffic will ultimately come to, and here is where you are going to promote your products and services. Owning a website is not optional for a long-term business.

People tend to trust more when a business has a solid website. They will do researches before they purchase it, so if you have a higher reputation, they will be more likely to buy things from your website. No matter you are selling your own products or promoting other people’s products, gaining your customers’ trust is very important for building a successful business.

What you’re going to promote is not the product itself, the thing you’re going to promote is your website, your website is where all your products and services exist. You won’t buy things from a random guy, don’t you? You will buy what your friends recommend. This is the same idea, become your customers’ friend by promoting the website, and “recommend” them to buy products or services on your site.

What is Domain Name?

Domain name isn’t the name of your website, it’s more like the address of your website, for example, the domain name of this website is “”. Every contents’ URL will have your domain name in it, like “”.

Although you don’t need to have the exact same domain name as your website name, most people will have a domain name related to their website. Every domain names are unique, so if your name is already taken, you need to come up with another one. Originally I want to use “” as my domain name, but since it’s not available, I came up with “”, still related to my website.

You can buy your domain name on domain name register websites, some famous ones are Godaddy and Namecheap, the same domain name may have a different price on different sites, you can go to their sites to learn more. There are some domain extensions like .edu .org or .net, for a business, we should focus on .com.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the service that allows you to get your websites be viewed on the internet, your websites will be stored in the hosting company’s special computers called servers. When users want to view your website, they will be connected to the server. You must have a server to publish your contents, in other words, it’s impossible to create a website without web hosting.

Web hosting will take care security, site speed, access, space .etc, different web hosting will have different performance, so it’s better to know your hosting company before using it.

You must have a domain name first in order to host with the hosting company, some companies will help you to purchase one if you don’t have one, some will even offer a free domain name.

How to Build a Website?

Now you know web hosting is mandatory, the next question is which one should I choose, I’m going to introduce two hosting companies.


The first one is Bluehost. Bluehost is the most popular and trusted hosting company out there, and since we are going to build a WordPress website, knowing that Bluehost is the no.1 recommend web hosting by WordPress is really a big deal. Going with Bluehost can’t get anything wrong.

After you go to Bluehost, it will give you over 50% off limited time offer for all plans, including basic, plus and prime. The price of plus and prime are same, so you basically get extra features for free in the first year. For a starting business that only needs one website, basic plan is enough, if you have a bigger plan, you can go for plus or prime.


The greatest thing about Bluehost is, no matter which plans you select, you can always register a domain name for free. If you have already bought a domain name, you can also sign up with your own domain name in Bluehost.


After sign up a domain name, the next thing you need to do is fill in your information, the only thing needs to notice is package information.

The shorter the account plan length is, the higher the monthly fee, to get the full discount, you must choose at least 3 years plan length.

Bluehost offers extra features, Domain Privacy Protection protects your information from available to public, some marketing companies may use this information to send spam e-mails to you or even call you. Codeguard Basic will automatically backup your site, if you lose anything, you can restore the whole website with one click. You can go to Bluehost to get more information about other features.

I like to back up my site on my own, and I don’t really care about domain privacy and other features, so I’ll uncheck all boxes, you can buy extra features if you think you need it.


OK, now Bluehost is hosting your domain, you’ve got everything set, next thing is installing WordPress, and your website is ready to go. I’m not going to walk you through each step of installing WordPress and setting up a website, because Bluehost has a full tutorial about that. click here for how to install WordPress

Sign up for Bluehost here, or check whether your domain name is available.


The second one is Siterubix. Unlike Bluehost, SiteRubix is less popular, but it’s very simple to use and is totally FREE. This is the free website giveaway I’ve mentioned earlier. The reason why it’s not that popular isn’t because SiteRubix sucks, is because not many people know what is SiteRubix, in fact, I think SiteRubix is even more powerful than Bluehost at some points.

Building a website in SiteRubix is extremely easy. Go to SiteRubix >> Choose your domain name (free member can only use domain name) >> Enter the title of your website >> Choose your theme >> Done!!


Let’s see what you got without spending any money, it has lots of features that other hosting won’t give you for free.


A cool thing about SiteRibix is it’s not just a web hosting company, SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate, a step by step online marketing courses, so you can not only build a website for free but also have access to their marketing courses, including how to set up your website. By upgrading to the premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate, you can unlock all SiteRubix’s features, including using your own domain, not just, or you can register one inside SiteRubix. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, check my in-depth review here.

Sign up for SiteRubix here, or check whether your domain name is available.

Choose the web hosting you think is best for you, remember, you can switch to different hosting after building a website.

How Can I Monetize My Website?

The best way to monetize your website is through affiliate marketing, if you don’t know what is affiliate marketing, click here.

The advantage of SiteRubix is you can have better access to Wealthy Affiliate, which teaches you exactly how to monetize your website. You can also join Wealthy Affiliate without building a site through SiteRubix if you think Bluehost is a better web hosting but you want to learn from Wealthy Affiliate, you can easily sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and implement the marketing ideas into your own site.


If you find this is helpful please share it, and if you have any problems or have anything to say, please comment below. I would like to see your feedbacks!! ?

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2 thoughts on “How to Build a Website And Earn Money – Free Website Giveaway

  1. This is a really good article to teach people how to get a website going and what they need. I dont think you mentioned anything about wealthy affiliate being a good host? I am glad i found wealthy affiliate for all the training and a host for my websites, there is so much that is offered here. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Justin,
      Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate is good for training and hosting, which I highly recommend people go for it, but in case someone only needs to build a website on his own domain and doesn’t need all the training, Bluehost is a really great option. I also wrote a post that reviewing Wealthy Affiliate in details, you can check it here.

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